The town of Bafoussam in the West region of Cameroon by dint of it’s proximity to the crisis stricken North West and West regions is host to a good number of the most vulnerable Internally displaced persons.

It is within backdrop that Strategic Humanitarian Services, SHUMAS and her partners Future in Our Hands, Uk and Building Schools for Africa, UK decided to improve the livelihoods of the IDPs in this town, especially those whose situations are precarious.

The donation consists of over 900 bags of rice likewise soap and mattresses. About 1000 IDPs applied to be included but only 316 of the very vulnerable especially persons with disabilities, pregnant and lactating mothers, those with a big family sizes and those with no means of survival were finally chosen to benefit.

The initiative which has been described by the beneficiaries as a stitch in time to help them in their trying moments will last for three months with the beneficiaries given the food items once a month.

I live in a two room house and have 3 kids and 5 other relatives who lost their parents in the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West to cater for and its really been challenging providing meals to them daily” noted Mbaku Lovet from Batibo in the North west region

“This food and soap will really be helpful and above all, today these my little ones will have the opportunity to sleep on a mattress after over three years with the mattress SHUMAS has given me” she added.

Like Mbaku Lovet, other beneficiaries expressed gratitude to SHUMAS and her partners for coming to their aid just when they needed it most.

I really want to thank SHUMAS for this timely intervention which comes at a very trying moment in my life. Its been about five months since I left Bafut in the North West region to Bafoussam and have been sleeping on cartoons with my 4 months old child. This mattress,  just like the food items will really be of help” revealed Ntoh Everdine.

This was corroborated by Salimatou, a physically challenged mother of 4 from Lebialem in the South West region who added the donations will be of help to them for the time being adding that whenever the means permit, SHUMAS and her partners should continue to come to their help.  

In his remarks, the Director General of SHUMAS, Ndzerem Steven encouraged the beneficiaries to make use of the items while calling for their cooperation and assuring them that the frequency of distribution given them will be respected.

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