Patients who take dialysis at the Haemodialysis Centre of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, BRH have effectively resumed their sessions after the Ministry Public Health, on January 6, 2021 supplied generators, beds and other kits to enable the functioning of the centre.

Prior to the reaction from the ministry, the Director of the Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr Denis Nsame had announced a temporary closure of the centre as a result ‘‘acute breakdown’’ of equipment.

The press release from the Director which provoked an unprecedented feedback from the North West Regional Delegate for Public Health, Dr Kingsley Che Soh who claimed the center had not be closed provoked fire in the spine of Minister Manaouda Malachi who announced in a tweet that eight generators were “en route” Bamenda on the night of Monday January 4.

Pundits argue that the Delegate made mean the worrying health conditions of 60 dialysis patients who could only travel as far as Buea, Douala and Yaoundé to beg for sessions from the already congested centres by claiming the Bamenda centre was not closed when indeed the centre was completely closed for two weeks before the distress alarm from Director Nsame.

The ‘politics’ to justify (un)/intentional lapses notwithstanding, Mr Mbinglo Francis, President of the association of dialysis patients in Bamenda, is grateful to the Director for being the whistle-blower.

‘‘I want to thank the Director for being our whistleblower. The materials will go a long way to assist us get our regular dialysis’’, Mr Mbinglo to the press in Bamenda.

For over two years now, dialysis patients had been subjected to two out of the eight dialysis machines at the Regional Hospital. This resulted in a drop in the number of dialysis sessions per patient from two weekly sessions to one.

Numerous shortages of dialysis kits which provoked street protests by patients have been recorded over the years. Attempts by the hospital management to respond to persistent shortage of kits have been blamed on Yaoundé for inconsistency in supplies.

On more than one occasion has patients of the Yaoundé taken to the streets disrupting traffic for a considerable number of hours before intervention from the ministry of public health. Buea had had its on share of the unfortunate situation.

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