Hit by the Covid-19, the world has succumbed to the new way of interacting which is virtually including healthcare.

In Kenya, a mobile phone application known as The Afya Child Health Information System helps report births and deaths which are uploaded by community health workers and registered by the Registrar of Persons. Another called mSoS using mobile phones still reports disease outbreaks and emergencies.

These are innovative communication tools which may become a new world order with Covid-19 not promising to quit the stage any soon. The new order opens Africa to huge technological innovations.

The continent shall be opened to tons of new opportunities, provoke creative thinking among youths, as such, greater utilisation of Africa’s resources by Africans; expanding the value chain production which would see a spike in standard of living.

To achieve this trajectory, Africa needs huge energy resource to support the innovation thirsty youths and entrepreneurs.

4th Africa Business Forum 2021

On this premise therefore, the Executive Secretary General of UN Economic Commission for Africa, UNECA and UN Under-Secretary General, Dr Vera Songwe has urged African leaders and finance stakeholders to triple financing of energy in the continent.

She was addressing African leaders and innovators during a virtual opening of this year’s African Business Forum to be held on the margins of the 34th ordinary session the of African Union.

Should Africa invest USD 500 billion (2021-2030) in clean renewable energy for Africans, this is capable to increase Africa’s energy supply by 250GW by 2030 and 1250GW by 2050, Dr Songwe said. Africa’s current energy supply capacity is 245GW with close to 600 million people without electricity; over 80% in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Paradoxically, her potentials are huge. UNECA IdeastoAction reveal that Africa has abundance of renewable energy resource potentials with 110,000 MW of wind, 350,000 MW of hydropower, 20,000 MW of geothermal energy with solar irradiation of over 5 kilowatt-hours per square metres in most places. These resources are largely idling and can sufficiently power Africa if tapped.

Private sector investments where innovation and competition thrive in Africa stood at just USD 2.4 billion in 2020, UNECA boss revealed. For Africa to therefore make more in-roots, boost the growing tech sector on the continent, the contributions of all sons and daughters of Africa is inevitable.

There are over 643 tech hubs as at end of 2019 spread across 34 countries in Africa which are in great need of energy.

These hubs UNECA revealed and corroborated by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, keynote speaker at the virtual meeting that can revolutionize the industrial sector, boost value chain of production.

In his keynote address, President Kenyatta highlighted enormous benefits and progress made by his country in the digital sector while measuring on it potentials. “I am leveraging on my role as a Global Leader for the Generation Unlimited Initiative (GenU) to tap into useful global experiences through GenU’s connectivity pillar.

We are beginning to reap dividends from a flourishing digital and innovation ecosystem” he told netizens.

Urging his peers, President Kenyatta said, “it is necessary to create an enabling regulatory environment, develop a vibrant and sustainable financial and research support structure to spur innovation, and to partner with a broad range of technology players across the ecosystem”.

This enabling environment which include a wide range of actions no doubt include energy step up as key.

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