A new TV show dubbed “SPOTLIGHT” which aims to light up the shades of underreported stories in Africa, especially in Cameroon will make its debut on March 7, 2021.

The initiative is the fruits of a partnership between NAJA TV, a web television powered by NAJA International Production Group, a German – Cameroonian audiovisual production company and Sisterspeak237, a not for profit organization with a mission to strengthen the leadership, power and amplify voices of minorities in Cameroon and develop them into self-reliant and socially conscious leaders.

It is the concept of media icon, CEO of Sisterspeak237, Comfort Mussa to drive social change with communication at the heart.

From 3 to 4 pm every Sunday, the host, Comfort Mussa and team shall explore stories which camera lenses (un)intentionally missed with in-depth diagnosis for esteemed viewers.

We want to bring an added value to the debate which are ongoing every day in Africa, especially in Cameroon. We want to put more light on the wonderful relationship between human, life and hope in a fast growing world from an african perspective”, noted NAJA TV CEO, Wesleg Nanse.

The show shall thus tell those stories which have been given (un)conscious blackout by everyday media. Shall bring to limelight strides at development, aid, social innovation and entertainment which have hitherto been in the dark corridors of media.

“If we don’t tell our stories, who will?”, questions Spotlight’s Host, Commy Mussa.

The show is executive produced by media entrepreneurs, Wesleg Nanse and Jean-Bruno Tagne, and directed by Samuel Loe.

It will air on NAJA web TV, one of the most watched/followed online media in Central Africa and as such enjoys considerable influence.

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