The administration of The University of Bamenda has ordered all staff and students to go through a Covid-19 screening process before allowed on campus.

According to a communiqué signed on March 16 by the Vice-Chancellor Prof Theresia Nkuo-Akenji, the excise which started on same day shall have the staff and students take turns systematically at the university health unit for their testing.

Inside information has it that at least 25 members of staff have been tested positive with some central administration staff to go on quarantine.

The Covid-19 prevalence in the region stands at 8.2% following a press release issued by the Regional Delegate for Public Health, Dr Kingsley Che Soh last Wednesday 17. This means close to 9 persons in every 100 are Covid-19 positive in the North West.

While encouraging mass testing in schools and places of work to continue, the regional delegate has cautioned the population not to be deceived by social media misinformation. “Do not pay attention on any misinformation on social media. The hospitals and health personnel are there to save lives and not kill anyone. Covid-19 is real”, the press release read.

While the infection rate is yet to slope down, the death toll is not getting any better. Over the last one week, Covid-19 has snatched 14 people in the region bringing the total number to 124 with a fatality rate of 4%.

The delegate further assured that “Covid-19 vaccine shall soon be available in Cameroon. So get ready to receive it”.

Vaccines shall not be made compulsory the delegate intimated. “…vaccines shall be administered only to VOLUNTEERS as it is NOT OBLIGATORY” Dr Kingsley said in the press release.

Cameroon has tested positive 40,622 cases of Covid-19. On March 8, the Prime Minister announced the imminent purchase and administration of Covid-19 vaccine by the government.

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