Anglophone crisis refugees in Nigeria have lamented they have been forgotten by their brothers and sisters in Cameroon. ‘‘We are dying in silence’’, the victims told The Fomunyuy Foundation, TFF and Community Refugee Resource Initiative, CRRI team who paid them a relief visit recently to offer humanitarian support.

The mission was jointly headed by Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh president of TFF and Dr. Celestine Atangcho president and Board Chairman of Community Refugee Relief Initiative.

Describing their situation as ‘‘precarious state of pain’’, Dr Christopher Fomunyuy, Director of TFF was alarmed that the refugees were receiving their first humanitarian support since March 2020.

He expressed the fear that the number of Anglophone crisis refugees in Nigeria could be three or four times higher the figures from the United Nations, UN. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR, puts the number of Anglophone crisis refugees in Nigeria at over 70,000

Narrating their ordeals, the refugees, most of whom are women and children lamented they barely have a single meal per day. They have no access to land where they can farm for food and children have no access to education. 

Rebecca is an old woman on wheelchair who has no career fled the hospital in Mayenmen where she was taking treatment is in dire need of healthcare. “I have no relative. There are some irons that I wear on my legs to be able to do anything, but now that I don’t have, things are not easy for me”, Rebecca told the team.

The team visited refugee camps in Cross River State, Benue State and those living in Abuja community.

Twelve camps were visited in total plus the refugees immersed in Abuja community. At every point, the victims were offered food items and non-food items. The team interacted with them and shared their pathetic stories.

“I have seen first-hand the precarious state of pains, suffering and want as one of the settlement leaders said, ‘tell our brothers and sisters not to forget us. We are dying in silence”, Dr Fomunyuy declared after the 10-day marathon visit.

The Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh and a dedicated group of philanthropists and advocates in the international democracy community.

It partners with philanthropists and democratic and human rights constituencies within Cameroon, as well as internationally, to improve the well-being of people and strengthen institutions and human rights in Cameroon.

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