Cameroon Gender and Environmental Watch, CAMGEW as part of its activities to commemorate the 51st edition of World Earth Day celebrated every April 8, engaged over 36 youths on April 23rd, 2021 by buy inculcating I them environmentally friendly values.

In Oku, Bui Division, North West region, children who visited the CAMGEW nursery in Manchok-Oku did not only enjoy the tree nursery of CAMGEW but were blessed to accompany staff of the organisation to the Kilum-Ijim forest where CAMGEW has planted over 80,000 trees.

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With help of CAMGEW staff, each child planted a tree to the fulfilment of the slogan, ‘‘Plant A Tree While Learning’’, tress collected from the CAMGEW nuersery. The exciting experience left the children wanting for more and would wish to stay the rest of their day in the midst of trees.

Prior to the tree planting exercise, the children were treated to some teachings on the importance tree planting with focus on this year’s theme of the World Earth Day, ‘‘Restore our Earth’’. The kids were also shown how young trees in the nursery are catered for.

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In Bamenda, Mezam division, CAMGEW in partnership with WECMA engages 18 kids (8girls and 10 boys) in Earth day celebrations.

Children received lessons on how to make wealth out of plastics through the recycling of plastic buckets, containers and the management of waste and types and uses of trees.

They also learnt how to turn organic waste to fertilizer, proper use of trash and to encourage their parents to sort out waste each time and also watched videos on how other children in the world celebrated World Earth Day.

Every child went home with a nursed vegetable plant which was either okro, pepper, garden egg and green spices to plant using the knowledge they learnt.

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“CAMGEW is sure that during this year’s Earth Day she created Nature Lovers that will spread the Love for Nature to all as they grow up. It was fun with children” noted the Director of CAMGEW, Wirsiy Emmanuel. “We want to inspire our pupils to learn about the world around them and the importance of taking care of it”.

The move by CAMGEW to always have children involved in tree planting exercises is no less a commendable move lauded by conservators and stakeholders in the sector as a sustainable approach towards environmental protection and climate restoration.

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