The Director General of Medicin Sans Frontières, MSF known in English as Doctor Without Borders has left Cameroon after a failed visit to relaunch the activities of the outfit in the North West Region of Cameroon.

While our visit to Cameroon was an opportunity to address key points, no agreement was unfortunately reached at to immediately start our lifesaving medical services in the North West” Stephen Cornish said in a press release.

Activities of Doctor Without Borders were suspended in the region on December 8, 2020 by North West Governor, Adolph Lele l’Afrique.

Stephen Cornish, MSF’s DG during his three-week stay in the country had several discussions with the Ministers of Territorial Administration, Public Health, Defense and External Relations for the reinstatement of lifesaving activities of the International NGO.

Cornish left the country May 29, hopeful that as discussions continue with government officials, a deal shall be arrived at.

“…we remain hopeful that the lifting of our suspension can be reached in coming days”, he stated.

Doctors Without Borders has operating in Cameroon since 1984. Their services moved to the North West Region in 2018 where they offered maternity and obstetric care. They also provided ambulance services which operated 24/7 for emergency cases.

Until their suspension in December 2020, MSF rescued several health emergencies in the restive North West where movement is sometimes restricted for days.

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