Potential stakeholders in the domain of urban agriculture made up of municipal councils, ministerial departments, civil society organizations amongst others have brainstormed and contributed towards the development of a policy narrative on urban and peri urban agriculture for the City of Bamenda.

This was during a multi-stakeholder dialogue that took place at the MINEPAT Hall in Bamenda organized by SHUMAS with her partners Urban Food plus Project and RUAF Foundation.

During the dialogue presided at by the Secretary General at the North-West Governor’s Office, Lanyuy Harry Ngwanyi, presentations centered on food, feed and wood flow and milk markets in Bamenda.

There were also presentations on the Urban Foodplus project and RUAF Foundation’s international experience in Urbanization and (peri Urban) Agriculture.

There are hopes that once the Policy Narrative will be developed, it will contribute enormously to promote a prosperous Urban agricultural sector not only in Bamenda but also in Cameroon as a whole.


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