Maternal mortality continues to escalete in Cameroon and the target to reduce maternal deaths and ensure universal access to family planning services is far from being met. One of the problems faced by most health facilities in Cameroon in combating maternal mortality especially in the North West region is lack of clean and up to date birth kits.

It against this backdrop that Senator Regina Mundi, CPDM Senator has donated some ultramodern kits (caesarean section kits, circumcision kits, delivery kits etc) to the maternity of the Nkwen Sub Divisional Medicalized Centre, CMA Nkwen.

The kits were handed to the hospital authorities on August 24, 2018 in a visit to the hospital that took her to the antenatal, delivery room and post natal sections of the hospital where she had time to witness the work of the workers, interact and hand gifts to pregnant women, nursing mothers and their babies.


According to Senator Regina Mundi, “Maternal death is one of the saddest things you can think about. There is no reason that at this age any child should grow up not knowing how the face of his/her mother looks”.

She observed that Cameroon through the Ministry of Public Health has been doing a lot but noted that everyone needs to put hands on deck to help fight the maternal and infant mortality prevalent in the region.

“We have got to understand that maternal health is a human right issue and everyone has a right to be healthy, to have a healthy baby but that is not happening at the level we expected”.


Talking about her motivation in maternal and infant health, Senator Regina Mundi said it had been an age long interest and dream.

“I have been interested in this area for a long time and as a senator that is one of the areas where I will one to push for reforms. I will want to see that the government continues to increase efforts in trying to eradicate maternal death and also to be able to sensitize society so that the public should know their place in the reduction of maternal deaths” she added.

On his part, the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital, Dr. Iwu David Emeka while receiving the gifts on hehalf of the hospital thanked Senator Regina Mundi for her timely intervention and was upbeat that the gifts were a stitch in time that will give pregnant women a healthy delivery and the kids a refreshing doze of life.

“Today we are grateful to our mother who has come to honour us not only to see what we are doing here but support what we are doing with the vision of fighting against maternal and infant mortality, I think that these kits that have been given to us are going to solve a big problem” he observed.


Specialists are unanimous that increased access to family planning, better accessibility to maternity services, improvement of health systems, increased antenatal care coverage, and skilled care during childbirth is vital to reducing and perhaps one day preventing maternal and infant mortality in Cameroon.

By Njodzefe Nestor

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