The Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Services (SUDAHSER Foundation),a non governmental organization has trained and equipped some 100 displaced persons in Mezam division of the North West region, with financial and material capital to invest in poultry farming, market gardening and and petit trading.This was at a two day training workshop in Bamenda organised by SUDAHSER Foundation in partnership with STREET CHILD- a UK based charity, from April 28th -29th,2021.

During the training workshop, participants were drilled on the techniques of succeeding and reaping huge profits in the three focused sectors.Divided in three groups,they received practical lessons and shared experiences from experts and those who have been in the various sectors before.

Armed with practical knowledge necessary for sustainability and positive growth, participants were offered the much needed capital to start up.Poultry farmers were each given 13 chicks with feeds and other inputs needed for rearing while market gardeners received sprayers, cutlasses, vegetable seeds,spices and manure.Petit traders on their part happily took home 45,000frs each.

Expressing joy and happiness, they lauded the initiative confessing that their lives will greatly improve. We thank SUDAHSER Foundation for coming to empower us.The Anglophone crisis has disturbed us alot.We were facing alot of difficulties-no way to support our lives,no way to go to school for lack of means.These chicks will help us greatly.We will take good care of them, sell and raise money that will enable us sponsor ourselves in school and be self-reliant” said Kongnyuy Nsohnyui,a young poultry farmer.

“These tools and seeds will actually empower me .I will put them to good use.I will commercialize the produce and my family will also consume from there.I am very sure that my family income will increase.I had no means to afford these materials that have been given to us today.My prayer is that projects like this should always be organized”, said Henry,a market gardener.

Dubbed Livelihood for Education,the project is aimed at improving community-level,access, safety and learning in education for Children and youths. “We are fulfilling our mission.SUDAHSER Foundation was created to bring help to the needy and that is what we are doing.The Anglophone crisis has displaced many people and has destroyed homes and lives.To meet up with the needs of these people we came up with this project in a more sustainable way- supporting them in market gardening, poultry farming and petit trading.We started giving them food but that was not sustainable” said Sanguv Simon Peter, Founder/Coordinator of SUDAHSER Foundation.

The project is expected to repair lives and enable them send their children to school with ease.” Three months from now we expect to see those we have trained and equipped establish their own businesses.Those doing poultry farming should be able to sell their chicks, expand the business and support their children’s school needs.Same applies to market gardeners and petit traders” Sanguv added.

The project which is in phases will be determined by the success recorded at the first phase. “It is a pilot project.If we are able to achieve our goals,we will scale up the project not only in Bamenda but also in the various divisions of the North West and South West regions as well as other regions of the country” , continued Sanguv.

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