Marine biodiversity at the Gulf of Guinea of the Atlantic Ocean is under threat from damaging human activities, such as fisheries, shipping, oil and gas exploitation, and pollution from land-based activities.

The revelation was made by Forbi Wilson, President and CEO of Global Aid for Africa (GAA), on April 16, 2021 during a press briefing in Yaoundé-Cameroon during which he re-echoed the proceedings of a High Level SDG 14 Event on Marine conservation which held the previous day on April 15 through zoom which registered the participation of some 50 key organizations amongst them Global Aid for Africa.

The press briefing brought together development partners with experts from science, civil society, multilateral organizations amongst others.

According to Forbi Wilson, SDG 14, is still one of the most underfunded goals of the 2030 Agenda in terms of donor commitments.

“Less than 1% of global ODA is dedicated to sustainable ocean based economic activities and marine conservation, while little is known globally about domestic resources allocated to SDG 14” he added.

During the briefing Global Aid for Africa President and CEO dissected why is SDG 14 is one of the most underfunded goals and the extent to which the underfunding is responsible for the failure in achieving SDG 14 in Africa .

Global Aid for Africa (GAA), works with it partners (Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), High Sea Alliance (HAS), Conservation International (CI), Pew, Fauna & Flora International (FFI), CFN, SSC, Ocean Unite, Oceano Azul, Wild Oceans and Global Partnership on Marine Litters), to increase the number and size of Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s ), and 30×30 in Africa and improve their effectiveness by putting in place ambitious conservation objectives and management measures.

This would allow protection for an increasing number of vulnerable species and habitats and contribute in making the seas a place of rich marine ecosystems that function well and are capable of adapting to a changing environment.

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