International medical charity, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has rejected claims that it is providing support for separatist fighters in the North West region of Cameroon, one of the ravaged by an ongoing separatist conflict.

The rejection comes at the heels of an outing of some Cameroonian news media quoting local authorities claiming that MSF was providing assistance to separatist fighters in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon.

“We affirm as an absolute that we have never facilitated the transport of arms, ammunition, or armed combatants, and have never provided logistical or financial support to any of the parties to the ongoing crisis,” MSF said in a statement.

The news publications have put both patients and staff in “serious and immediate danger” with armed actors, MSF said, calling for “vigilance and accountability when issuing public statements and reports.”

Last year, Cameroon suspended MSF activities in the Northwest region following allegations of meddling in separatists’ activities.

“We also reiterate our call that the suspension of our activities be lifted in the Northwest in view of its impact on local communities,” the statement said.

Doctors Without Borders has been working in Cameroon for over 35 years, and in the North-West and South-West regions since 2018. For months, they have engaged continually with Cameroonian authorities in order to find a solution to the suspension of our activities in the North-West.

They have taken every available opportunity to provide transparency and clarity on all the allegations that have been issued, and to demonstrate a total absence of collusion with any armed group or party to the ongoing crisis.

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