The General Coordinator of Strategic Humanitarian Services, SHUMAS, Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka who is also the immediate past President General of Nso Development Association, NSODA has bagged the 2021 Nso Leadership Award.

The award is the initiative of the “Wirfon Facebook platform”, a virtual grouping of Nso sons and daughters all over the world to recognize excellence amongst its kindred. At the end of voting process, Nfromi Ndzerem Stephen was voted from a pool of other nominees as the most outstanding leader in Nso for the year 2021.

He received the Award from the Mfuh – Manjong Bamenda high profiled leaders who represented Mformi Kilun Dr. Fai Emmanuel the initiator of the said award.

“We will continue to celebrate your achievements and leadership for so many years. You are a true role model of an exemplary Wirfon” noted Dr. Fai Emmanuel, administrator of the platform in a comment.

In appreciation of this distinction in a friends restricted event at his home, Nformi Ndzerem Stephen in his usual humble tone thank the Awarder.

“I am impressed. can do a lot and once there is no indicator that you are doing a lot, it could very discouraging. Warads like this are indicators that you are on the right direction” he noted.

He revealed that he was very proud to receive the award adding that this shall spur him to engage more in Humanitarian Works and Development which are the cores of the Millennium Goals.

Worthy of note is the fact Nformi Ndzerem, the jurist turned award winning development expert is the founder and vision bearer of Strategic Humanitarian Services, a developmental Non-Governmental Organization that focuses on integrated sustainable rural development and aims to improve lives, reduce poverty, and empower people to meet their needs without compromising the needs of posterity.

The organizational development advisor and an environmental manager felt that his full potentials were not being exploited as a lawyer, because his primary interest was improving lives and enhancing people to exploit their full potentials reason why he left the judiciary for development work.

SHUMAS also holds a special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2013.

His development work earned him several acolytes and titles in the different communities that have benefited from the development work of his NGO.

Around 2015, he was overwhelmingly voted as the President General of Nso Development Association, NSODA, a position he held till December 2021 when he passed the baton of command after over 8 successful years.

During his tenure, he gave NSODA local, national and international visibility and undertook many development initiatives for the good of Nso community. He will be remembered for bringing the various village associations, national and international branches under NSODA amongst other things.

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