Paul Biya on July 12, 2022 through presidential decree N°2022/298 appointed two members into the Electoral Council of Elections Cameroon, the highest body of Cameroon’s electoral commission. 

One of those appointed is Nga Gaspar Thairinyuy, the shrewd and experienced elections manager and educationist who before his appointment was Regional Delegate of Elecam for the North West region.

Nga Gaspar is expected to use his over 12 years’ wealth of experience in elections management and observatory to the benefit of the electoral council. He served as Regional Delegate of Elecam for the North West from 2012 to 2022 and as Divisional Delegate for Bui from 2010 to 2012 during which he successfully organized over 8 important elections amongst other feats.

At the helm of Elecam in the North West he successfully organized the Presidential Elections in Bui Division in 2011, Senatorial Elections in the North West Region in 2013 and Municipal and Legislative Elections in 2013.

At the wake of the insecurity and threats especially in the north west region, he gallantly organized the Senatorial Elections in 2018, Presidential Elections in 2018, Municipal and Legislative Elections in 2020, the rerun of 22nd March Legislative Elections in the North West Region in 2020 and the Regional Elections.

He came into Elections Cameroon, with over 10 years of teaching and facilitating English language, English literature, Legislation, Sociology, Psychology, Psycho-analysis and Administration in various higher institutions of learning within Cameroon and Turkey. He offers part time lectureship in the Higher Technical Teacher Training College (ENSET) Bambili- University of Bamenda.

In view of the country’s electoral calendar, Nga Gaspar together with other members of the council and the General Directorate of Elections will ensure the supervision of electoral operations during the 2023 senatorial, presidential, legislative, municipal and regional elections of 2025.

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