The commanders of the 5th Military region, Brigadier General Bouba Dobkreo and 5th Gendarmerie region, Brigadier General Housseini Djibo have been challenged to put their rich and fruitful military careers at the service of securing people and property in the North West region.

They were appointed by a presidential decree of 14 July 2022 to replaceBrigadier General Nka Valère who has been given the confidence as commander of the International War College in Yaounde and Brigadier General Ekongwese Divine Nnoko assigned as commander of the second gendarmerie region that covers the Littoral and the South West regions.

While installing the duo at the Bamenda Commercial Avenue on July 19, 2022, the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo tasked to watch over the porous borders, show no complacency with “terrorist” and quard against all forms of indiscipline within the ranks.

He reiterated that collaboration between the population and the defense and security forces is key for the return of the much sought after peace in the north West region.

“Return to peace depends largely on the defense and security forces it also requires your genuine, sincere and republican collaboration. It is discomforting that several groups operate freely in some communities and with their collaboration.”

Brigadier Generals Nka Valère and Ekongwese Divine Nnoko are leaving Bamenda heads high.

In his remarks during the installation ceremony, the City Mayor of Bamenda, Paul Achombong celebrated the bravado and achievements of Brigadier Generals Nka Valère and Ekongwese Divine Nnoko and hoped that the newly installed generals will be bring the much needed peace.

“They have seen the four corners of the North West Region. The dedication in which they carried out their respective missions must be saluted. Their new assignments are testimony of the work they did here in the North West Region” he added.

Since June 24, 2019 that they took command, the two generals undertook several operations that saw the elimination of several pseudo generals in the region.

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