Hope for a Better Future in partnership with MasterPeace and with funding from the Turing Foundation trained youths drawn from the West and South West region of Cameroon on renewable energy.

During the two day training in Bafoussam, from the 8-9 June, 2023, the youths were entreated to different modules around renewable energy developed by H4BF’s knowledge partner Noorderport.

The training is part of H4BF’s mission to create a new generation of youth leaders who are committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions.

“I am leaving this training filled with knowledge on issues around renewable energy. I want to thank H4BF for this opportunity” noted one of the participants

Participants during the training were provided with hands-on training on renewable energy and also had sessions on understanding the concepts of energy efficiency and brainstorming on how to implement energy reduction practices in their communities.

They were equally introduced to the financial aspects of renewable energy projects. They received training on how to develop sustainable business models, build a successful team, and obtain funding from various sources. These skills helped participants understand the economic benefits of renewable energy, which are essential for the success of any sustainable energy project.

Throughout the program, participants engaged in group discussions and team building activities that promoted the importance of teamwork.

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